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Scott M. Belcher, Ph.D. 

I am an expert on the actions of endogenous hormones, endocrine disruptors and estrogen signaling during normal development and etiology of hormonally regulated pathology in the brain, heart and reproductive system. I have a broad background and extensive training/expertise in molecular genetics, molecular and cellular biology and pharmacology of hormonally regulated and excitable cell systems. As an expert on the actions of classical and rapid non-genomic nuclear hormone receptor signaling during normal development, I also have expertise in animal models of pediatric cancer and chemotherapy, whole animal physiology of the endocrine and nervous systems, and toxicology of hormonally active chemicals (endocrine disruptors). Research training opportunities focus on studies utilizing molecular, cellular and physiological approaches to elucidate signaling and molecular networks that result in, or augment harmful effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Current research using transgenic/knockout mouse models of human disease focuses on assessing the mechanisms and impacts of estradiol and estrogen-like endocrine disruptors on cardiovascular health, reproductive health, and the etiology of childhood brain cancers. Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate research trainees have played a critical role in the pursuit of my laboratories research goals.

Dr. Scott Belcher

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           Thomas Jackson, PhD Candidate

Thomas Jackson

Hannah Starnes, PhD Student

Hannah Starnes

Madi Polera, PhD Student

Madi Polera

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